Welcome to the DigiSMARTS: Digital, Social Media, Activism, Rights, Training and Skills

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The concept is simple: the DigiSMARTS platform will help you develop new digital skills, and become a skilled-up influencer and activist, ready to shape the future!

The project was born from the recognition of the changing work/skills landscape of youth work/workers across Europe. The European Commission (2019) states that there is a diverse “broad European youth workforce”, holding different levels of qualifications – from no formal youth work qualifications to masters or doctoral level – with some paid staff but many working as volunteers. These youth workers operate in different contexts, from part-time work in small community or faith organisations to full-time in public sector or private organisations. Remote youth work was increasing during Covid-19 lockdowns Youth work was challenged to increase its digital engagement with youth. The project developed in this context of intense change and aimed to address the emerging broad youth workforce needs around digital skills/competencies in relation to digital activism projects. Activism has become a key interest for many young people and they have taken to the digital as a means of inclusive participation. There was an urgent requirement for free, user-friendly, accessible learning opportunities to help youth workers undertake digital activism projects and we have met this need in the DigiSMARTs project outputs and resources.

The DigiSMARTs project has been run by a consortium of transnational partners, please see the about section for further details.

3 ways to use this platform: 

  • Get the DigiSMARTS Training Certificate.

Register for free to the Open Access Educational Resources. Complete the training and get your DigiSMARTS Certificate on how to design, develop and implement digital activism projects for youth.  

  • Participate in real-time discussions.

Use the platform’s forum to share your thoughts, ideas and best practices on online activism.

  • Get inspired by others. 

Listen to what people engaged in digital activism say in the videos section below.

Learn more on the concept of online activism here

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