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Online Activism and Digital Engagement

The Role of Online Activism in Empowering Youth

Online activism has become a significant platform for social and political causes, particularly among youth and youth organizations. The internet provides an opportunity for activists to connect with others, share their message, and advocate for change on a global scale. Social media, online petitions, and other digital tools have empowered young people to raise awareness and mobilize support for various causes. However, online activism also poses unique challenges for youth, such as the difficulty in verifying information and distinguishing genuine causes from false ones. To address these challenges, initiatives like the Erasmus + DigiSMARTS project have been established to equip young people and organizations with the necessary digital skills and best practices for effective online activism.

Exploring Digital Activism: Research Findings and Recommendations

As part of the first output (O1) of the DigiSMARTS project, the consortium conducted a “Dialogue-based Methodological Blueprint for Digital Engagement for Youth Activism and Report on Creative Digital Literacy Needs for Youth Workers and Young People” exploring the role of digital skills in youth activism and how to equip youth organizations and workers with innovative tools for online activism.

This report is divided into four sections: Introduction, Short Overview of Youth Activism Practices in Partner Countries, Dialogue-based Practices and Experiences, and Conclusion, along with Reference and Annexes.

The report presents research results from all partner countries (UK, Turkey, Italy, Serbia, Finland, and Cyprus) and provides a short overview of youth activism practices in those countries.

The core section analyzes the research methodology and presents the main findings, followed by discussion, conclusions, and recommendations.

Overall, the report aims to provide insights and recommendations for further actions to enhance digital activism skills in the youth workforce.

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